Meeting Your Needs With Our Various Demolition Services

While last year, we demolished a section of a building for safety reasons, this year we watched as our efforts helped a structure collapse before our eyes. When one building goes down, another one comes up. Perkins Landscaping and Grading, LLC offers a varying host of demolition services, knowing not all requests are alike. Our repertoire of demolition services includes:

  • High-Reach Demolition Service
  • Implosion Demolition Service
  • Wrecking Ball Demolition Service
  • Selective Demolition Service

Once you consult with our Belmont demolition service crew at Perkins Landscaping and Grading, LLC, we’ll evaluate your request and determine a suitable approach. While we dismantle your structure, whether it be masonry, steel or concrete, you can continue zeroing in on your project. With hundreds of buildings that we’ve demolished in North Carolina, we’re trained to undertake even the most seemingly impossible assignments.

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