A Strategic Lot Excavation Plan for Your Construction or Property Improvement Project

If the demand for an excavation professional stands in the way of your construction site design, then hire a certified excavation contractor. Perkins Landscaping and Grading, LLC provides quality lot excavation services that you’ll need to introduce your project. As experts who do not mind going knee-deep into your service, we use advanced machinery to help clear any trees and brush, integrate solutions to prevent soil erosion and facilitate any leveling work. Every project is unique but with groundwork and proper equipment, we can perform any of the following:

  • Survey ground and land levels
  • Excavate proper depth of land
  • Clear area of vegetation
  • Implement systems to minimize erosion
  • Eliminate unneeded soil

With strategic planning and detailed communication between all parties, we’ll perform your lot excavation request with assurance. North Carolina is brimming with excavation companies, but for a hassle-free lot excavation service managed by Belmont’s finest, then trust the grading and excavation professionals at Perkins Landscaping and Grading, LLC.

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