Your Viable Source for Land Site Preparation

From removing topographical features to running soil tests, preparing the land before rolling out your project is a necessary measure. At Perkins Landscaping and Grading, LLC, we’re pleased to perform your land site preparation service. You’re sure to receive a comprehensive service that will prepare you for the next phase of your project.

  • We survey the land to determine if the soil and land are fit for construction
  • We clear the land of any obstructions
  • We grade the land to prevent drainage issues
  • Determine property lines in compliance with current local codes
  • Conduct soil tests
  • We reshape any land that’s necessary

We at Perkins Landscaping and Grading, LLC want to highlight the significance of our land preparation efforts since it will get your project off on the right foot. Our role helps minimize any potential dangers or legal and structural setbacks that will cost you money and headaches. Consult with our land site preparation leaders in Belmont to have us begin managing your site. We’re skilled professionals who know what qualifies a land in North Carolina to escalate onto the next step of construction.

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